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The report on giving birth is a magic medium
of recollection which immortalizes our greatest human experience.
The pictures are a source of comfort, confidence and joy. The photos make it possible to relive delivery.
A new consciousness appears and love radiates.
A report of your delivery can be a therapeutic tool.

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Personal Stories

Témoignage de Maureen- Accouchement par césarienne
Je me suis dis: "c'est bien la mienne"
Conférence Albane Noor
La photographie comme outil thérapeutique
Entretien avec le Docteur Luka Vélémir, obstétricien
Naître par césarienne autrement

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Confidence de Naissance

Solution 1

Photos all along your delivery.
From the theatre block to the awaking room.
Soft pictures showing what is most essential.
The baby’s expulsion, the pediatrician’s care, skin to skin.
The first caress and the first kiss.
It’s a wonderful story and it’s yours.


Naître en Lumière

Solution 2

Photos all along your delivery
From the last instant of labour to the very first feeding.
Soft pictures showing what is most essential.
The couple’s love, the magic of baby expulsion, the first looks
The smiles and tears, the caresses and kisses.
Your delivery made a beautiful and timeless experience!

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Albane Noor, Photographe d'accouchement à Nice
+(33)6 70 15 73 93

"I have been a photographer for 25 years and I started specializing in medical photography in 2013. In 2014 I joined the REA and BSIP press agencies. I am the mother of three children. My last delivery set off my interest in birth. Between 2013 and 2018, I carried out lots of reports on obstetrics. The benefits experienced by the parents on seeing the delivery pictures were very strong and unanimous. I realised that I could bring something positive to families by taking photos of their child’s birth. So, in May 2018, I officially launched “Women and Birth Photography”, the only photographic activity in France focusing on child delivery reporting."

Albane Noor